Wednesday, 8 July 2009


hey ladies

if you follow me on YT you would of seen I have done a swap with BarbieCDL before, please go check her out:

And we decided to do another swap and she is soooo lovely, and turned into a good friend :D I will be uploading a video soon about the swap, just wanted to give you a sneak peak of everything she got me.
She got me loads of stuff from NYX as we can't get that brand in the UK and i love the make up sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

she got me:
3 eyeshadow platte from NYX
2 pair of eyelashes from red cherry
3 lip sticks from NYX
lip liner from NYX
eyeshadow from Hip loreal
lip gloss from NYX
2 jumbo eyeshadow pencils from NYX
Lip balm from victoria secert
lip gloss from victoria sercert
lip from L.A Girl
blush from NYX
fix and perfect from Rimmel
( i will say all the colours etc in my video:)
THANK U HUNNIE for everything you got me :D