Monday, 3 August 2009

Alex Curran - WAG

Ok girls....I know we moan and slag off WAGS, but i perosonally think fair play to them.

I mean who wouldn't want to be married to a footballer, have loads of money and not have to do a "proper days work", and be able to buy whatever you want.

I really like Alex Curran, I really like her style, and find she always looks lovely. I am so in love with her hair as well.
Here are some Photos below:


  1. I blogged about Alex the other day too - I love her style :) xx

  2. I'm with you 100% Lucy, i think WAGS get a bad name but some of the WAGS such as Coleen, Alex and obviously Victoria earn there own living. Good to see you back! xx

  3. I think she is lovely too! I'm not a huge wag fan, but I very often see her out and about around Liverpool and she always looks immaculate, and really stunningly beautiful! xx

  4. yeah i totally agree but some wags do earn a living which they should and i love the top picture where she is carrying a primark bag. :) x

  5. i'm going to sound stupid but what is a wag? :)i don't think we use that term in america but then again maybe we do and i'm just out of the loop. :)