Saturday, 27 June 2009


A couple of weeks ago Revlon got in touch with me asking if i would review some of there products and i agreed to it of course! and i was very excited and flattered they had got in touch with me. They sent me 4 packs of fake nails and 6 packs of fake eyelashes.

I was so impressed with the packaging (sorry the photos aren't the best) it looked smart and high end, you wouldn't think it was a drug store brand.

I asked a girl I work with to test some products out for me and let me know how she got on with them, as she loves her fake eyelashes and nails :)

we put a set of the fake eyelashes on first, they looked so lovely, really natural couldn't tell they were fake. Jess also said they felt really light compared to other lashes and that she couldn't feel she had them on.

We put the lashes on at 9am and she still was wearing them at 5.30pm and also on her night out that night. So the glue that came with the lashes was really good and lasted very well.

There are a few pictures below off the lashes on, without any mascara on.

The next thing to try was the fake nails, and to be honest in the past I have never been a great fan of fake nails you can stick on yourself. But I have to say I was very impressed with these nails, they are easy to apply and looked really good on.

We put the nails on at the start of the day and going to see how many days they last for.

People were also asking Jess if she had her nails done at a salon, so it was positive feed back straight away.

I will let you know how long the nails lasted for, I also posted another set of nails to a friend and she is going to trail them for me.

I like to see other people's input on the items.

I have also worn the fake eyelashes myself and have to admit i love them, they stayed on so well and gave such a great look ( i didn't have a camera with me, so couldn't take a photo).

If anyone wants anymore info on these products, please just leav a comment and i'll get back to you.

thanks for reading guys :D

BYE BYE Benefit

As some of you know (if you follow me on twitter and watch my YT video's) today was my last day at benefit cosmetics!
I was kind of sad to leave, but also in a way happy to starting something new and fresh.
I love all the girls i work with and i really had the best store manager in the world. (you may be wondering why i was leaving LOL)
And they got me some cute little gifts and they really showed they cared because everything they got me, i had shown them in shops etc that i liked them and wanted to get them when i got paid and i open them up and they had got them for me.
They said i still have a main present to come, which is so nice of them. (at my leaving party)
so the first picture, the flip flops are from accessorize and they are £12 (they are super cute)
2nd picture, flip flops from peacocks £10 and the necklace also from peacocks (not sure how much it cost). also i included both the goodbye cards i got.
I'll miss the girls so much, but excited about my new jobs :D

Nail Art

Today I needed serious cheering up (if you follow me on twitter you will know why) so i went along to the nail shop and got my nails done all pretty!

I know fake nails are really bad for your natural nails, but i am hooked on fake nails (been getting them done for over 2 years now, none stop).

She did a great job, and i love the nail art she did.
picture above...let me know what you think :D

Sunday, 21 June 2009


I just wanted to give a shout out to my lovely boyfriend Tshekedi (above a picture of us together), some of you will know my boyfriend is in the army and is serving in afghanistan at the moment for 7months, i miss him greatly and today he has been away for 5months.

I wanted to just let people know how amazing he is and brave for being in the army and serving in a war. I really wanted to just share with you my love for him and what a fantastic job he is doing.

I don't think people in the army get enough cerdit and just what they have to do for us and our country, they are putting there lifes on the line.

I miss him more and more each day and love him so much.

He will be home very soon, which I am so happy and excited about.

I love you tshekedi xxxx

does anyone have any family or friends in the army?

please check out the webiste help for hero's they do an amazing job!


Hey everyone

I was rushing to work today and i had to stop as this amazing bag caught my eye, went into the shop to have a closer look. I had to get it!

Its PINK of course, with gold detail on it and also a crown charm hanging off the bag (which kind of reminds me of juicy couture., which is a brand i love).

This Bag has my name all over it and i am super pleased with it :) :)

It was £25 which isn't bad.

It was from a little shop in a town near me, can't remember the name off it which is so unhelpful.

Let me know what you think off my bag? i know it won't be to everyones taste but for myself i LOVE it!!! xxxx

Friday, 19 June 2009

ASCOT 18th june 2009

Hello everyone

Yesterday I had a lovely day at ascot and went on ladies day, which means the ladies dress up to the max and the men looking very smart.

My friends and I were approached by head office at Jane Norman who were photographing the best dressed ladies which of coursed put smiles on our faces.
I wore an outfit which didn't break the bank balance, and felt really good in the outfit until my shoes started to hurt me LOL.
I didn't win anything, in fact I lost money. but it was all part of the fun.
Had drinks and giggles with my girlfriends.
If you love dressing up then I would recommend going to ascot to anyone.
It was fantastic seeing all the outfits and hats, i was amazed by how amazing some off the outfits were.
above are photos.
Hair Piece: accessorize £25
Dress: river island £44.99
Shoes: faith £50
Bag/Belt: faith
Jewellery: top shop
Make Up:
eyes: big daddy by benefit/beauty UK eye shadow set number 1 /onyx eyeliner by benefit
Lashes: demi wispies by ardell
face: channel foundation/mac powder
cheeks: 10 by benefit, Love mosaic blush by NYX
lip stick: pink noveau by mac/Lollipop gloss by incolor

Anyone else going to ascot this year? what you wearing? xxx