Saturday, 9 May 2009

OPI nail lacquer and Jessica nail colour

Very excited today, when i got home from work i received in the post the nail polish i had order from eBay the other day ( was impressed how quick it got here)
i got 6 OPI nail lacquer, which i love!! i find OPI the best nail polish and it stays on so well!
the colours i got are:
La pazitively hot (hot pink colour)
Warm blush nail envy (nail strengthener)
Happy anniversary (clear with grey sparkle)
Windy city Pretty (light mauve colour)
3 plums, i win (deep purple colour)
Orange coral
Also i got a Jessica nail colour, which is such a lovely colour, called no tan lines number 633.

I recently took off my arcylic nails which i have had on no stop for about 2 years, my nails really needed a break, so i felt i needed to treat myself to some new nail colour. I am so happy with all the colours i got, also going to upload a picture so you can see.
If you got any questions or want to know how the colour looks or anything please leave a comment.
Thanks guys xxxx


  1. I need some new OPI. How much did u pay for them?
    I linked u on my benefit post =)

  2. I paid 30 pounds for all of them including the jessica one and thats including postage. thanks girlfriend !! love ya xxxx