Monday, 18 May 2009


Today I was offered a deal to be honest I couldn't walk away from, which was Victoria Jackson make up, which is a famous make up artist based in American and now has brought out her own make up range.
I got a survival kit (which contains: mini eyeliner and lip liner, mini black waterproof mascara, two blushers, 5 lip gloss colours, 10 eyeshadow colours) I loved how it was packaged and you could put into your handbag and carry around all those different products.
Also I got 3 full sized lip glosses, and the colours are lovely, they stay on well and have a great shimmer to them, and are non sticky (which is a must for me).
Last but not least I got colour collection in peach (really lovely colours for the summer) included was 4 eye shadows (in different shades of browns) 2 blush (peach colour and plum colour, really impressed with the pigment), 4 lip gloss colours.
I got all this for ONLY £20!!!
Is this too good to be true? or was I just in for luck, this is what I am still trying to decided. So far I am impressed with the products, and will enjoy trying them out. If they don't turn out to be amazing, there won't be too much lost (only £20).
Please let me know, if you have any products by this brand and let me know how you get on with them. Also let me know if you think I have been stuck in to a good sales person.
Check out my You tube channel, which had a video about the products I got today.


  1. What a bargain.
    Are you enjoying using the make-up?xx

  2. I <3 this make-up coz that is my name! :)


  3. My boyf bought me some VJ stuff when when he came over from NY in March. It looks okay, haven't used any of it yet!

  4. I bought this today with no idea who VJ is. I tried to research on Google but not much info. If she was so well know, why is the info. hard to find. I read reviews, and girls in UK and OZ had the same sale pitch I had today. I tried out the gloss and eye-shadow, which is still on a couple of hours later, so I guess it's good, I still prefer MAC. I was told her products will be sold in the new Victoria Secrets Store that's opening soon at my local mall. I'm living in Cape Town by the way.

  5. Hey, I bought the same Victoria Jackson products today- I have their contact information - it's The salesperson was based in NYC but I'm pretty sure that she could ship it- and I found a bunch of information on them on Google before I bought the products- I love the gloss and survival kit!